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  • Is the GAP over?

    Tennessee and North Carolina to enact "No Business" statute
    Legislators in North Carolina and Tennessee are taking a step in the right direction against the rising numbers of "Slayers" at Deals Gap. After the results of the NHTSA's study were released last month, lawmakers rushed to action to enact a bill that is now called the Ain't Got No Business Act of 2010.

    Under the new law, people that "ain't got no business" being on "The Dragon" can be fined or imprisoned. It's fairly easy to pick offenders of this new law out at Deals Gap and you don't have to have a doctorate in business to know when someone "ain't got no business" being on "The Dragon."

    Law enforcement in the area says it's grateful to have such an easy-to-enforce law in their arsenal. One Tennessee Highway Patrolman was heard saying, "That Slayer ain't got no business being here and I can finally do something about it!!"
    Inspired teachings by Slayer Hater at 8:23 AM 1 confused ramblings Links to this post
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    1. Jamie_Murray's Avatar
      Unconstitutional. /law
    1. PJFZ1's Avatar
      Interesting, but won't hold up .. Like Jamie said... illegal.

      But they might pull it off.
    1. PJFZ1's Avatar
      Scott - where is that article from?
    1. KevyzToy's Avatar
      I don't believe they can keep bikes and sports cars off it, but they can sure make it hard on us.
      Speed limit it 35. They could ticket us for the slightest overage. Say 40mph. Barely crossing the
      yellow line. Ticket. Even get some for going too slow. Sight seers. Saying they are holding up traffic.

      They could make it unbearable to ride there.
    1. cws6fan's Avatar
      If NC and TN was going to try such a thing, they would have never worked together to open the Gap up during the rock slide. Just think how much money was spent to get the road back open... Just look at the name of the person who wrote the article, "Slayer Hater"? Who's that?
    1. PJFZ1's Avatar
      Clay - thanks for noticing that - I didn't have enough coffee this morning..

      It cvame the the blog here: Just a joke.
    1. cws6fan's Avatar
      I'd forgotten about that Blog. I had it bookmarked, but didn't even think about it. Now that I know where it came from, it's funny. This would be harder on the highway patrols that monitor the gap. They would be writing tickets for people going to slow, all day long.

      I got into a discussion, with some cruiser riders. They kept talking about the "crotch rockets" being ricky racers. How come they can't understand that when they're going 10-15 MPH and we're going 30-40 MPH, the closing speed makes it seem like we're flying through the turn? They were complaining about being passed in the turns, I told them if they'd use the pull offs they wouldn't get passed in the turns. They just don't get it...

      Then I started talking about them drinking while riding. I guess that hit home, cause it really pissed a couple of them off.
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